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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Jawatan Kosong di MARA Liner

MARA Liner is registered under MajlisAmanah Rakyat. The MajlisAmanah Rakyat (Indigenous People’sTrust Council; commonly abbreviated as MARA) is a Malaysian government agency. It was formed toaid, train and guide “Bumiputera” in the areas of business and industry. MARA was formed on March1, 1996 under the Rural and National Development Ministry (, 2007).
Jawatan Kosong di MARA Liner :

1. Ketua Mekanik
2. Mekanik
3. Pemandu Bas
4. Penyelia
5. Penolong Penyelia
6. Pembantu Mekanik

Tarikh Tutup : 14 Disember 2011


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